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Are your projects over budget because of thefts or "lost" items? Every construction manager has had the frustration of coming in to find furnaces, dry wall, A/C units and lumber gone or having the liability of kids in your area after hours. This puts your budget in jeopardy.

Let Protection Plus help put you back in line. We can provide the on site security officers to stop the thefts and trespassers. We can even log in the "after hours" workers who return to the job site. Normally the security officers work the nights and weekends when you are gone. We are flexible in scheduling. That way if you're going to work a Saturday and Sunday you can cancel us with no problem. After all, we are there to take care of your security guard services for you.

Having a party, company picnic or wedding? Protection Plus can help you make it a big success.

We can help by controlling security access at your site, watching over cars in the lot and assisting getting your guests in and out of traffic. All these things cost you very little but impress your client, family and friends. Also, it limits liability by having a professional security service officer agent on site.

Setting up your event security a day ahead of time? We all know that things disappear and nothing ruins an event more than coming back and finding items gone. Making you look unprepared. Protection Plus can supply the overnight armed security guards or unarmed security guards to make your items safe. In fact, this is very common for things as simple as security guarding the "give always" such as catalogs, flyers and brochures.

Safety for your road crews is not to be ignored. Protection Plus has trained and experienced traffic Control  security officers available on short notice. Our officers are certified by the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA). We have our own ATSSA instructor to make sure your job is done safely.

These traffic security officers have the necessary and required equipment. They all wear uniforms (not blue jeans like others) have safety vests, hard hats and paddles issue to them. Our traffic security officers also have radios to communicate with each other. All at no extra charge.

Protection Plus security is a flat rate company. This means that there are no OT rates, weekend ates, mileage charges, supervisor rates or any of the other "extra" charges others include. Those only increase the low balled hourly rate increasing it to more than we charge.

We realize each business is unique and we don't provide a "cookie cutter" type of approach to your security services problem. We can provide security officers in blazers, uniforms or plain clothes. These security officers may be armed security guards  or unarmed security guards, depending on your site security needs. We sit down, listen to your security problem and both of us work out what security services will work for you.

Protection Plus has many Marion County Special Deputies on our payroll as security guards. These security officers have full arrest powers, but are slightly less expensive than that off duty police. They are trained by the Marion County Sheriffs Department, so quality is assured.  Learn more about our Indianapolis Indiana security services knowledge.


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