Photographer, caterer, band... and security guard? Few people think about hiring private security for a wedding, but it's actually incredibly important -- and it's more important the larger your wedding is. A wedding is one of the largest parties or events that most people will throw in their entire lives, and it's important to make sure that everything goes as it should. To that end, it's a good idea to have a professional on your side.

Wedding "Walk-Ins" Are a Thing

"Wedding crashers" isn't just a movie; it's an actual thing that happens. The larger your wedding is, the more likely you will be to get unwanted guests. And that may be all fine and well if they keep to themselves, but many of these guests may cause problems for you. After all, they're the type of person to crash a wedding. They may spend time talking to other guests and making up stories... or they may run away with your liquor. A security guard won't just check for these wedding crashers; they'll also be able to kick them out.

Family Members Can Be Volatile

When you have a wedding, you're bringing together many different sectors of your family... and not all of your family may get along. Weddings are proven to bring old tensions out, and unfortunately this could mean that a fist fight breaks out on the dance floor. Security guards can help in calming this type of altercation down without escalating it, as they are well trained in deescalating situations from the start. That means these issues can be handled peacefully before they become disruptive.

There's a Lot of Drinking

People drink at weddings. When people drink, they don't just get into fights; they can also unintentionally damage property. A drunk wedding guest could break a chair, try to stand on a table, or simply put a hole through a wall. Either way, you're probably going to be on the hook for the damage -- or, at least, your insurance is. Security guards can identify guests who have had too much to drink and make sure they don't cause any damage.

Under aged Guests May Be Present

In addition to preventing the adult guests from getting out of hand, security guards can also be on staff to make sure under aged guests aren't drinking. Under aged guests may try to sneak alcohol especially when it is flowing freely, and in the hectic atmosphere of a wedding it can easily go unnoticed by friends and family. A security guard can be asked to assist with checking IDs.

Looking for Specific People

Sometimes an "ex" isn't as happy with a wedding as one would think. Sometimes it's an estranged family member. Either way, many a wedding has been threatened by a specific person who has demanded that they be invited and won't take no for an answer. Not only can a security guard look for wedding crashers, but they can also be given a photo of a specific person to be on the lookout for -- such as a disgruntled ex-fiance. These people can then be denied admittance if they do show up. 

Many wedding venues do have their own internal security team, but this is a team that's going to be focused on the venue itself -- not on your wedding and your guests. If you want to make sure that your hitching truly goes off without a hitch, you may want to consider personal protection. At Protection Plus Inc, you can get in contact with courteous, experienced professionals who can help you with the most important day of your life.