Retail locations, sensitive industrial sites and many other businesses rely on security guards to protect their employees, their customers and their property. Hiring a guard through a service or independently is not a simple task to take lightly. The position is an important one and there is a lot involved in ensuring the chosen candidate is qualified for the job. 

Security guards should have some of the following characteristics.

Appreciate the Complexity

The responsibilities of security guards go far beyond being able to watch over an empty building or correcting people when they act inappropriately on company property. Security guards have to respond instantly to any type of emergency. They need to have the ability to manage difficult situations confidently and that usually requires substantial training. 

Understand the Risks

Good candidates for security guards are people that understand that their job is more than long hours and a lot of walking around. It is a job with a lot of potential risks that may include confronting armed intruders, breaking up disputes and apprehending and holding people caught violating the law or trespassing on the property they protect. 

Adequate Training

When hiring a security guard it is important for the employer to choose someone with the proper training. This includes knowing how to handle a weapon, being able to perform first aid and knowing the proper procedure to follow in extreme circumstances like high-level thefts or hostage situations. Hiring professionally trained security guards is worth the investment.

Know Their Abilities

Some security officers spend a lot of time monitoring surveillance cameras, but this does not mean they have a sedentary position. Staying alert during an entire shift and having the ability to respond instantly to a crisis requires a lot of mental and physical stamina. In addition, the mental stress of the responsibility is not something everyone manages easily. 

Meet Higher Standards

Security staff training is not regulated by the federal government and the minimum requirements vary from state-to-state. It is unwise to think that someone is qualified simply because they meet state standards. Their training and abilities could still be far below what the job requires them to have. Insist they have the specific skills and training for the position being filled. 

Expect Skilled Professionals

A guard is not just someone that tosses out bad guys and double checks that the doors are locked. They have to be skilled communicators who are able to defuse difficult situations and clearly record and report every incident. The behavior of all security staff will always reflect on the company whose property they protect and they should always make a good impression. 

Know the Background

It is important to have as much background information on the job candidate as possible to guarantee they are fit for the responsibility. This information should include comprehensive drug screenings and a background that is clear of any previous criminal activity. However, this is not all that needs to be known before they are proven fit for the job.

All guards, particularly those carrying weapons of any type should also have a background that proves their ability to make good decisions in an instant. Their temperament must be one that enables them to handle delicate situations expertly without exacerbating the problem.

Also, security guards must have the motivation and good judgment to work without co-workers or constant supervision.

These are just some of the reasons why Protection Plus Inc. offers much more than just a person in a uniform. Our security guards are highly-skilled, trained officers with CPR and first-aid training as well. Every guard employed by us is a law enforcement officer with the knowledge and ability to handle any situation. Get the protection you need. Call us today.