Vigilant Event Security in Indianapolis, Indiana

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A Combination of Experience and Resources

Whether you have an upcoming fund raiser, sporting event, school function, or other special event, Protection Plus Inc. has the experience and resources needed to keep your event secure. Serving the Indianapolis area and surrounding locations, we have what it takes to protect any venue.

Keep Your Guests Safe

With the risk of disastrous incidents and threats, retaining a security team for your event – no matter how large or small – is an absolute must. Keep your event safe with the help of Protection Plus Inc., focusing on what you need to do and leaving the rest to our experienced, reliable team.

Prepared for Any Situation

Our fully trained team is always alert and prepared to handle any problem that may arise. We’re dedicated to providing a safe environment for everyone to enjoy, along with the peace of mind that comes from having a reputable security team on-site.

Personalized Security Depending on Your Needs

Armed or unarmed, uniformed or dressed casually – we customize your security plan based on what you need. Regardless of whether you choose armed or unarmed officers for your event, all of our employees are rigorously trained to perform with the highest levels of safety and responsibility.

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Contact Protection Plus Inc. at (317) 244-7569 today and request more information about our special event security services.