Security for Medical Facilities and Other Industries in Indianapolis

Security Personnel Watching All the CCTV Footage on Computer - Security on Indianapolis, IN
The need to keep a medical facility secure is something that can’t be overstated. While there are specific security issues that apply generally to almost all medical facilities, such as the need for the protection of controlled drugs and other medications that are at the facility, each location will have specific needs that need to be handled as well.

This can include a number of issues, but some potential problems include managing guests that come to your facility. At times, you might find that you have uninvited guests showing up, something that needs to be protected against. Other times, you will need security to manage guests who cause problems while they are on the premises, something that takes a well-trained security team to handle properly.

Protection Plus is one of the leading security services for medical facilities, and we can help you keep your medical facility safe from a variety of issues that pertain particularly to your facility. We work with a number of facilities in the area already, including Wishard Hospital and the Midtown Mental Health facilities. We will work with you to create a complete security solution for your facility, keeping both patients and staff protected. Our staff is trained to handle nearly every scenario that you can think of, and we will make sure that your security concerns are taken care of above all.

One of the reasons that we are able to be so effective is that we work only with experienced security staff and take the time to discuss your needs with you so that we can create the most secure environment possible. One way that we do this is by managing access control (who can come into your facility and who cannot), keeping those who might cause problems far away from your staff and patients. Additionally, we create a highly visible security presence, using both uniformed and plainclothes security to create an environment that actively deters crime and theft (two common issues at medical facilities), simply because of its presence.

Our team is comprised of some of the best off-duty police and experienced security staff in the industry, and we would be happy to discuss your security needs with you further. If you need any type of security services today, your best choice is to call Protection Plus now at 317-244-7569.