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A Word From Marie

Thank you for visiting our website. Protection Plus has a wide range of security knowledge and experience. Since we started in 1988, we have strived to give our customers the type of security that they want and need.
As you can imagine, the industry has changed dramatically in the last few years. What worked then may not fit now. Protection Plus is always ready to come out and help you assess your needs. Here, the clients are always number one.
While the large companies always seem to get top billing, we are proud to also serve our smaller clients. Others turn away clients with just a few hours of needs within a week, but not here! We welcome your business, and you'll get the same service others do. After all, we know what a small business is all about.
Our office staff is here to help. Please feel free to contact our team with any questions.
Marie A. Stanley

Protection Plus has a wide range of security knowledge and experience.We work with ICC Lucas Oil Stadium, Indiana State Fair, Center Township Trustees Office, and Citizens Energy.

We are fully licensed and bonded, and we exceed your insurance requirements. A copy of our certifications will, of course, be sent prior to service. As far as experience goes, Protection Plus feels that the company references speak louder. Check out our reference list on Our Clients page.