Security Services in Indianapolis

Patrol Car and Security Personnel - Security on Indianapolis, IN
Protection Plus is one of the premier security services in Indianapolis, and has been since the start of our firm in 1988. We provide cost-effective, complete, and full-service security that can help you keep everything safe at a special event such as a wedding or concert. We offer both protection and traffic control, and we can also provide continuous monitoring of areas such as construction sites. We are a leading Indianapolis security firm in that regard; read on to see why we offer the best security and best value of any security service in Indianapolis.

Experienced Event Security Services in Indianapolis

One of the most difficult areas to keep secure is a large event space, because there are a number of ways for the event to be disrupted. You can entrust your security needs to Protection Plus.

We have used some of the most experienced professional security members and off-duty police in the area since our inception in 1988. At your next event, you want professional security on-site who can not only protect against disruptions to your event from outside sources such as uninvited guests, but also make sure that your invited guests stay safe during the event. Our professional team can also provide Indianapolis traffic control services to maintain consistent traffic flow and eliminate issues with guests arriving or departing your event.

Uniformed Professionals and an Off-Duty Police Presence

We are one of the leading security firms in Indianapolis because of our commitment to using only the best professionals on any assignment. Our corporate security services in Indianapolis use uniformed professionals to make them easily visible to guests, and to deter party crashers and other problems. Not only will the sight of off-duty police officers improve security, but also our staff is trained to respond immediately and professionally to any problem that may occur (although we always strive for a disruption-free event, if possible).

Location-Based Protection Services

Our professional staff is also capable of providing protection to commercial businesses and open areas that can be sources of liability for a company, such as construction sites. We can keep unwanted visitors out of these sites, a situation that would otherwise cause unwanted liability for your firm. We offer our corporate security services in Indianapolis on a single-use or continuous basis, depending on the needs of your firm. We are always willing to work out a special arrangement based on your particular needs.

If you are in need of any type of security services today, your best choice is to call Protection Plus now at (317) 244-7569. We can provide you with CPR and first aid training as well.