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We Ensure Your Safety

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of security guards does your service provide?

Protection Plus offers a variety of different levels of service, but one thing remains consistent; we hire the best possible security staff members to keep you and your employees, guests, and contractors safe in a variety of situations. While we do hire first based on experience, our security staff comprises a number of former police officers, whom we choose for their years of experience keeping the public safe in a variety of different types of situations.

What type of screening do your security service professionals undergo?

On top of the level of training that we provide, the other most important process our team goes through is the screening process required before we bring on a new member. We bring every member through a comprehensive background check, complete with a reference check and fingerprint/drug screening, along with taking other measures to ensure that we only hire the best available security staff to keep you safe.

What are your rates like?

Our rates are extremely competitive within the industry, and with our years of expertise and size of our staff, we can help you manage virtually any security need. One of the most important aspects of our service is the level of customization available. We are available for a short contract (useful for traffic control or event security), short-term use (construction site security is a great example of a short-term security need), and long term contracts as well. Depending on your needs, you may require slightly different contracts to cover a variety of uses.

Do your guards carry weapons?

While the appearance of a weapon may be helpful in some security situations, we realize that not all situations, or clients, require that level of protection. For that reason, we offer both armed and unarmed security personnel, and have provided comprehensive training to our team so that they are able to handle themselves with the utmost professionalism in any situation, regardless of whether they are armed or not.

What insurance do you have?

Our firm takes your security very seriously. Beyond the training that our guards receive and their experience in past professions (many of our professionals are former police officers), we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. We do this to ensure complete protection regardless of the situation, but we know that you will be completely at home with any security guard package that you choose from us.